Advantech ADAMView Demo Edition

Advantech ADAMView Demo Edition 4.25

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software for the ADAM I/O series
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ADAMView is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software (SCADA) with Windows graphical interface, designed for low-volume I/O projects like industrial processes, utility and environmental monitoring, and Lab testing. It provides a 150 physical point’s database, and ADAM module drivers for monitoring and control functions. You can create an operator interface with bar graphs, buttons, indicators, real time or historical trending, knobs, gauges, sliders, numeric display and controls. Also you can import bitmap. If you are going to utilize a complicated system you can work simultaneously with modules and task like scan rate, or start/stop units. It works with Basic Script language, Dynamic Data Exchange and Open Database Connectivity. This means that the information measured can be exported to Access or Excel.

After installing the software you will be prompted to introduce the serial number. For Demo version the serial is “0000000000” and the program will run only for 2 hours.

Minimum system requirements: CPU 200MHz, 64 MB Ram, 20 MB HD, Video VGA. OS Microsoft Win 98, NT 4.0 SP4, 2000, XP. Supported Hardware: ADAM-4000/5000 Series Modules (EIA RS-485 communication standard) for bidirectional transmission.

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  • It works simultaneously with modules already created in real time
  • It is compatible with Dynamic Data Exchange, and Open Database Connectivity


  • You are allowed to run ADAMView Demo version for only 2 hours
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